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TLRI: 'Blended learning: Impact on students’ school experiences' (2010)

Blended learning: The impact of vocational and distance learning initiatives on students’ school experiences

Project Leaders: Keryn Pratt, and Ken Pullar.

Partnerships: University of Otago College of Education and OtagoNet.

This research project aims to explore students’ experiences of a blended form of learning, characterised by non-classroom, non-traditional forms of learning, such as distance and vocational, alongside more traditional forms. It will explore the experiences of students in the OtagoNet videoconference cluster of schools, both within the ‘classes’ and outside of them, including their learning outcomes and the impact this form of learning is having on them, their teachers, schools, and communities.

Project Report: Pratt, K., Pullar, K. &Trewern A. (May 2011) School is out: Students’ experiences of non-traditional learning